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A horse and rider on The Oxford Horse Ranch1890, Laramie, Wyoming

If you wanted top quality horseflesh in the American West, the train to Laramie, Wyoming would bring you to the Oxford Horse Ranch. There, you’d find a modern ranch, with indoor plumbing, electricity, telephones, and an excellent selection of trained horses.

From an inventory of 3,000 animals, you could select one, or a hundred, saddle horses, carriage horses or even racehorses. Buyers came from far and wide; Teddy Roosevelt wanted horses for his charge up San Juan Hill, the Chicago Transit Company needed horses to pull their trollies.

Dr. Arthur Whitehouse, a Scottish veterinarian, imported the very best bloodlines, allowing the Old Oxford Horse Ranch’s name to persist through more than one hundred fifty years of history. It remains a landmark in Wyoming’s ranching history.Kelly McGuire, Owner, The Oxford Ranch

Today, that tradition of quality livestock husbandry has been reestablished. These days, the thoroughbred stallions
have been replaced by sleek, registered Black Angus heifers.

These beautiful girls are top-quality Angus bred by Dr. Adrian Weaver of Virginia Dale, Colorado. Dr. Weaver, a veterinarian from Colorado State University, spent a lifetime perfecting a line of superior Angus genetics.

Kelly McGuire, the new proprietor at the historic Oxford Horse and (now) Cattle Ranch capitalized on a rare opportunity and purchased a closely related group of the Weaver Ranch heifers; her foundation herd.

The Oxford Ranch plan is to improve that herd by adding imported genetics, just like Dr. Whitehouse did in the nineteenth century. The new genes will enhance the already delicious steaks that result from these beautiful mother cows.

Kelly will combine the hardiness of the traditional Black Angus breed with the unique flavor of Japanese Kobe-style beef, embodied in the American Wagyu breed.

Wagyu genetics foster the interstitial marbling that brings outstanding taste and tenderness in every bite of Wagyu steak.

The Oxford Horse and Cattle Ranch is continuing a tradition of top quality genetics in this historic setting. Today, Oxford Black Angus Beef… Tomorrow, Oxford Wagyu.

It’s the best you’ll ever taste.

The foundation herd of Black Angus Heifers